Project management

How typical process looks like

Understanding the Requirements – we meet with the client on the production site, study the process (if there is one), the environments, the needs, problems etc.

Developing Solution Concept – after we properly understand the needs, we start designing an initial conceptual solution. The design includes selecting the right robot, initial End of Arm Tooling (gripper) design, process flow, peripheral components, layout etc.

client Approval for the Concept – we present our solution to the client for approval, remarks and modifications.

Budgetary Quote – At this stage we present the client with a budgetary quote for the entire system, based on the solution agreed upon in the earlier stages.

Detailed Design – After a Purchase Order is received, we start with detailed system design, including components architecture, mechanical, control, electrical, software design etc. we also run advanced 3D Motion Simulations of the system to make sure we are going to get exactly what we were planning to get… (Cycle times, duty cycle, motion path effectiveness, motion obstructions and more). 

Production – once all the design stages have been completed, we send the design to our manufacturing department. 

Assembly and Run Off – After parts are manufactured, we assemble and set the system up in our facility (if possible), including robot, mechanical assembly, electrical cabinets, control and pneumatics. Then we start running the system to make sure everything is running as planned and to our satisfaction.

Final Assembly – When we are pleased with the results of the run-off, the system is freighted to the client’s site, where it is set-up and integrated with the plants’ systems and production process.

Training and Support – While setting the system up for production, we train the selected workers by the client in regular operation and troubleshooting and assist them later on with close support.

Further training is also available at client’s request.