How typical process looks like

” In our company, not only the result is important, the way is also important.
The cooperation between us and our customers is a crucial tool for the success of the project ” 

Or Levy – CEO, Assatec Robotics

First step

After presenting the requirements, an initial thought is given to the concept and within a few days a representative on our behalf will provide an initial concept including a model for illustration.

Moving forward

Within a week from ARO we will have a Kick-off meeting There we will discuss the issues that are important to you, the customer.
And we will make sure that before we set out we meet all expectations

PDR (1)

Preliminary Design review

In this session, we will introduce you to the progress of the design while emphasizing the system components and selected solutions.
We will perform risk management and ensure the success of the project

Critical Design review

This meeting is our last meeting before going into production.
We will discuss the whole mechanical aspect, as well as the operation of the system.

CDR (1)

Build & Integration

After manufacturing all the parts we will assemble the system and make sure that every detail works properly.
We will perform hardware and software tests to ensure a proper system and reduce the implementation time as much as possible

On site Installation

At this stage we perform compliance tests to customer expectations.

We will go through and test every process in the machine to ensure perfect execution.

First in our facility and then in your production line

Finish line

Another great Robotic cell has created.

I'ts not the end

Assatec well keep providing you all off your needs in order to have long lasting success productive automation